4 Mile Drive Release Their New Single, 'Burn'

4 Mile Drive are set to release their EP later this year.

4 Mile Drive have arrived with the second single from their forthcoming EP, ‘IV'. January 2020 welcomed the return of the Teesside four-piece as they emerged from their 6-year hiatus armed with their elegant debut single Always Brighter.’

Now, three months later they’re back with their new single, 'Burn’, an energising glimpse into the punk-laced world of 4 Mile Drive.

The group’s debut single, Always Brighter projects a certain fragility, a flower plucked from the band’s subconscious. Burn, on the other hand, channels a fiercer side of 4 Mile Drive, it’s 3:52 of racing beats, nostalgic guitar solos and sultry vocals.

Lead singer and guitarist Vik Watson’s vocals combine the angst of Brody Dalle, the charisma of Karen O and the quip of a northern girl. Her vocal’s forge their path through divine instrumentalism, distorted guitars and blistering basslines.

Lyrically, Burn harbours a dark and dystopian undercurrent, where religion meets anguish, and sorrow meets serendipity.

“Try tomorrow?

Sold out of sorrow,

Smoke my salvation.

“Rise above

Down below

Let them fall.

“With every sin, we burn,

Let the sirens play.

Brokedown praying in reverse

Nothing gold could stay.”

Burn reinforces the power of music, both lyrically and melodically. The track is dusted with ruins of the current climate, leading most listeners to resonate with the song in their own unique, colourful way.

The record marks another solid release from Teesside outfit, who show no sign of slowing down as they approach the release of their highly anticipated EP later this year,

Happiness is only a 4 Mile Drive away, what are you waiting for?

Burn is available to download here.

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