4 Mile Drive Return With Their New Single, 'Always Brighter'

Updated: May 15

4 Mile Drive have released their new single, Always Brighter

4 Mile Drive are back with their highly anticipated new single, ‘Always Brighter’. Since forming in 2008, the female-fronted four-piece have been on quite the journey together, both musically and emotionally.

Years passed have seen the Teesside outfit perform regularly throughout the North East; often submerging the gloriously sweaty rooms of Middlesbrough’s alternative club nights with their sweet sound of punk rock. If you can remember the golden years of Sumo, at The Cornerhouse, there’s a good chance that you and your mates have relished in the blissful chaos of a 4 Mile Drive gig.

Nightclubs aside, the band are no stranger to a packed out venue; having shared the stage with a roster of critically acclaimed artists including Anti Flag, Stiff Little Fingers, The Rezillos and Bowling for Soup. Now, after a six-year hiatus, lead singer and guitarist Vik Watson has reunited with JP Wright (bass), Dave Carey (guitar) and Patrick Gallagher (drums) to release their new single, ‘Always Brighter’.

Always Brighter was inspired by the passing of one of the band’s closest friends. The track is a homage to a lost loved one; a wildflower lost to the breeze too soon. Pressing play immerses you in the magic of 4 Mile Drive, a nostalgic stream of consciousness driven by, punk-laced guitar and sincere lyricism.

“I’ll feel less broken,

If I just pretend that you’re still here.

You’re just far away.

You still live on,

Be it just in our memories

And they’ll never fade.”

Vik’s vocals harbour a wise maturity that can only be unearthed with the passage of both pain and time. The track captures the fragilities of life; and how sometimes we may not realise the value of a moment until, alas, it becomes a memory.

“Now we connect through books and magazines

Through lyrics from our favourite LPs

But songs don’t sound the same.

Songs don’t sound the same.

They never will again.

They never, will again.”

Always Brighter is a solid single, a wistful 3:54 minutes of melodic memories and sterling musicianship. It’s the warm glow of optimism, a reminder of music’s powerful ability to heal whilst keeping the memories of those we love alive.

Never fading, always brighter.

Happiness is only a 4 Mile Drive away, what are you waiting for?

Always Brighter is available to download here.

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