Electropop Duo Moodbay Release Their New Single 'Alone'

Move over, Moodbay have arrived with their new track ‘Alone’, the second hypnotic single from their upcoming debut album.

Moodbay is the sweet sounds of synth and psychedelia blended with velvet vocals and intricate musicianship. Comprising of writer and producer Alfie Cattell and singer-songwriter and vocalist Anna Stephens, Moodbay are a force to be reckoned with, submerging their listeners in the sounds of their serene lyricism and unique electropop.

The duo joined forces in 2017 after fate saw them meet in one of the many corridors of BIMM music school in Manchester. Since then, Moodbay have dared to delve into the unknown, blending a range of musical genres ranging from Classical to R&B and everything in between. The result? An awe-inspiring fusion of creativity, with spiky beats and haunting bass - a sound the pair simply describe as ‘Moodpop’.

Soundbites of the band’s influences drift throughout their material with grace, where ethereal Radiohead-like tones dance alongside bizarre Bowie-Esque beats; an artistic haven of creativity. It’s no surprise then that the duo’s debut single release ‘Listen Up’ has been met with rapturous praise across the music scene, powering Moodbay's monthly Spotify listening figures from 12 to an incredible 15’000 in wake of its release. Yet they show no sign of slowing down as Friday 16th August marks the release of the second single from their forthcoming debut album ‘Circles’.

Moodbay (Photograph Courtesy of Dawncast)

Releasing the follow-up to their startling June release, ‘Listen Up’ was never going to be easy, but rest assured the duo have paved yet another unique landscape in their musical venture. New track, ‘Alone’ has a somewhat darker feel to it, laced with gritty lyricism and a dose of vulnerability.

An expression of extreme isolation, Alone carries with it connotations of loneliness and heartache; a stark insight into the mental state of an individual who finds themselves on the outskirts of society, struggling to belong. We’ve all had moments in life where we have felt an unforgiving sense of loneliness and despair, that feeling which makes you want to walk for miles, albeit our only journey is following the dark route within our minds and our destination remains unknown. Yet, it’s such feelings of turmoil that have paved the way for such a beautiful, inspiring track.

Drawing you in with Alfie’s beckoning synths, the single absorbs you instantly as Anna’s vocals begin to reign:

‘It’s the midnight hour,

and there’s no one around

Just need to be heard

Walked 17 miles straight

Falling to the concrete

Just need to be found

I’m losing all the control over my mind.’

The gritty, dark undertone of the track grasps you instantaneously, conjuring up a sense of poetic imagery in the listener's mind, preparing you for the soulful ride that is ‘Alone’.

As the track progresses as does it’s harrowing narration, yet one of the most beautiful attributes of the record is its juxtaposed tones. Alfie’s spikey, cathartic soundtrack and Anna’s upbeat, club-like vocals fuse effortlessly, creating the perfect platform to tell such a beautiful story; a story that needs to be heard.

Allowing yourself to become temporarily submerged in the sounds of Alone takes you to an alternate realm, laced with a sense of optimism and gratitude for all we have. The tracks captivating chorus will whirl around in your mind all day long, alongside its profound message.

Moodbay are here and they’re telling their story through a new medium of magnetising, eccentric electropop. It’s a story that needs to be heard to be understood, so why wait any longer? Head over to Spotify now and check out ‘Alone’, you won’t regret it.

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