Fever Days: Oliver Green Releases New Single 'Hey'

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The song-smith releases his second single 'Hey' today

Newcastle’s Oliver Green is back with the next instalment of his admirable solo project, Fever Days. The Northern songsmith released his second single ‘Hey’ today, so North East Noize is here to provide indie fans with an exclusive review of the explosive, new track.

January marked the release of the multi-instrumentalists debut single ‘Bored’, which was met with a sea of widespread praise across the North East. With his impressive ability to merge a blend of self-written bass, synth, guitar and vocal sectors, Green has provided a welcome addition to the Northern music scene; with ‘Bored’ being named ‘Track of The Week’ by Gigs North East, as well as attracting attention from multiple radio outlets.

Now, second track ‘Hey’ seems to be the perfect follow-up to such a successful debut.

The latest addition to the project sees listeners instantly immersed in a strong, infectious guitar riff, making it hard to resist being temporarily lost in the rhythm. The gripping intro lays the groundwork for the upbeat tempo which consistently flows throughout the track.

Green’s razor-edged, angst-filled lyrics are punctuated with an indisputable wit, with lines such as ‘I’m like the sun, when I disappear I’m never coming back,’ underpinning his charismatic lyricism.

The latter end of the track is laced with a virtuosic guitar solo, reinstating just how talented this young musician is. It’s only early days, but the sense of hype and excitement surrounding this artist ensures he’s destined for great things.   

Watch this space. Fever Days are here.

Take an exclusive listen to ‘Hey’ here.

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