Out Loud – Michael Kiwanuka: A Documentary by Jodie Canwell

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

'Out Loud' will screen at Middlesbrough's 'Hit The Bar' on July 22nd

Gifted videographer Jodie Canwell is set to screen her debut documentary ‘Out Loud’ on Sunday 22nd July. Shot across two UK tours, the film will closely follow soul singer Michael Kiwanuka on his musical quest, exploring the beauty of live music for both artist and audience.

Jodie has the magical ability to spin absolute gold from the most ordinary seeming of observations, so having the likes of Michael Kiwanuka as her focus makes this project even more exciting. Having toured with the likes of Our Girl, Spring King and Clean Cut Kid, Jodie is fast building a reputation within the industry.

Her passion for her work sees her immersed in a range of projects, whether it be gigs or wedding videos, Jodie’s creations are bound to leave onlookers temporarily lost in bewilderment and touched with a certain beauty; her latest venture is to be no exception.

The film is complemented further by Michael’s insightful narration and raw, undeniable talent. Critics have compared the songsmith to such greats as Van Morrison, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, with his soulful material oozing vitality and charisma.

The London based artist is no stranger to praise, with his 2017 album ‘Love & Hate’ taking the title of ‘Album of the Year’ at the prestigious Worldwide Awards, as well as seeing him named ‘Best Global Act’ at the 2017 HiPipo Music Awards. Yet the ‘Home Again’ singer shows no signs of slowing down, with Out Loud set to feature exclusive material of him gracing the stage at the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall; his biggest show to date.

To bare witness to this majestic fusion of creativity, head down to Middlesbrough’s Hit The Bar from 6pm on Sunday 22nd July. Located on Bridge Street, this fresh, vibrant venue is fast becoming one of Teesside’s favourite hotspots, and promises to be the perfect host for this wonderful celebration of the arts.

For further information about the evening please head over to the event page.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Jodie’s work, or wish for her to be part of your special day, check out her website, Love is Lovely.

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