Patrick Gosling Releases His Debut Single - 'Always Ready'

Updated: Jan 15

The debut single from the North East’s Patrick Gosling has landed with a melodious thud. ‘Always Ready’ is a tale of ambition, told through the medium of honest lyricism, raucous guitar and boastful beats.

Patrick Gosling has released his debut single, 'Always Ready'

As 2019 melts away into memories, the South Shields songsmith can look back fondly on his musical feats; from performing his debut show at the South Shields Amphitheatre to embarking upon his solo summer adventure. In recent months the singer-songwriter has leapt from strength to strength, forging his path into the musical realm whilst performing alongside some of the North East’s rawest musical talent.

Now, the dawning of 2020 brings with it new music from the budding talent, and ‘Always Ready’ serves as the perfect portal into the world of Patrick Gosling. Like most worthy indie rock tunes, the track greets the listener with an infectious intro; laced with catchy guitar hooks and a relentless rhythm.

Always Ready is available to stream across all platforms

With the introduction of Patrick’s vocals comes a solid admiration for his lyrics, which see him combine the world of poetic romance with addictive, upbeat angst.

‘Tongue-tied, loveless and broken on the long nights,

Waiting for the tide to go out.

Desire, feeding the hunger and the fire,

But God, he wouldn’t let you out.’

Yet perhaps the most endearing attribute of ‘Always Ready’ is a tuneful chorus, Patrick's vocal’s carry a northern warmth, binding the track’s layers with an air of optimism and excitement. It’s the kind of tune that should be played live and loud - a festival banger that sends the crowd into a soulful sing-a-long.

‘You know that I’m always ready,

Whatever the world will throw at me.

Darling, what are you waiting for?’

Written as a homage to Patrick’s hometown of South Shields, ‘Always Ready’ is a solid debut single, and a solid start to the year for the artist. With promises of further gigs, future releases and a debut headline show in April; Patrick Gosling is undoubtedly one to watch our for across the ever-evolving north east gig circuit.

Always Ready is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Enter the world of Patrick Gosling.

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