REVIEW: Plastic Glass Release Their New Single, 'Come Clean'

Rising indie four-piece, Plastic Glass are treating the North East to some brand new music. The Sunderland lads released their new single, ‘Come Clean’, on Friday 20th September, and it’s definitely been worth the wait.

It’s been a hell of a year for the band, with the February 2019 release of their debut EP, ‘Broken Town’ leading to a string of live bookings and an undeniable, infectious hype. Now, a glimpse into the world of Plastic Glass’ new tunes brings with it excitement and a solid acknowledgement that these lads have got what it takes to chisel their unique pathway into the music industry.

New single, ‘Come Clean’ is 2 minutes and 4 seconds of admirable angst and raucous instrumentalism, shaken up with a healthy dose of vocal quip. Pressing play on the track propels you into a welcoming, chaotic realm laced with fast-paced guitars and adolescent wit - a sensory adventure. Lewis Conlin’s fast-paced vocals spawn memories of US outfit, Cage The Elephant’s iconic track, ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’, and who wouldn’t be happy with that comparison?

It’s safe to say that Plastic Glass are dominating the North East live music scene at the moment, and blissful creations like this are surely the reason why. Recent gigs have seen the foursome deliver blistering live sets, with a few revellers been lucky enough to catch Come Clean in all its pre-release glory; it’s a track to be played live and loud. Plastic Glass’ music is where 2007’s indie angst meets 2019’s social struggles, where sweaty, strobe-lit dancefloors meet atmospheric, intimate venues, where intricate lyricism binds with sterling musicianship. It’s here.

Follow the links below to check out Come Clean for yourself...

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